Making Implementation Happen through Capacity and Capability Building:

A Virtual Collaborative Learning Event

21 September 2021

Do you have a role in improving practice in Public Health and Social Care through implementation? Then join us at this Virtual Collaborative Learning Event on 21 September 2021.

The focus for this event is:
To share learning on implementation, evaluation, adoption, and scaling up of effective interventions in Public Health and Social Care; and to establish a collaborative network to support development of knowledge and skills in understanding implementation and implementation research.

The day will include:

  • A keynote speaker who will set the scene on why implementation matters and what knowledge and resources exist to support implementation efforts
  • Sharing of implementation experiences from across Public Health and Social Care, covering both successes and challenges
  • Agenda setting exercises to identify future opportunities for capacity and capability building

Invitation for contributions

We invite proposals for poster presentations of both successful and challenging experiences of implementation and capacity and capability building to improve care for all.

If you wish to submit a proposal, please complete the online abstract form when you register for the event. Prizes will be given for the best poster. The closing date for the submission of posters is 18 August 2021.


We expect a great deal of interest in this event so please register as soon as possible. Registration does not guarantee a place. We will be as fair as possible in allocating places, aiming for a specialty and geographical spread. Attendance at the event is free of charge.

Registration is available at: registration-mihtccb20. The closing date for registration is 6 September 2021.

In light of the GDPR you will be asked to read the NIHR privacy policy and indicate on the registration form that you have understood.