This collaborative event, aimed at people working in the access to justice sector, will provide space and time to share work, experiences, problems and learning points on some of the key issues facing the sector, as identified by the sector. The conference will create a dialogue between professionals and explore the potential to develop solutions and further collaboration.

Delegates will have the opportunity to engage in and contribute to strategic developments for the sector, network with access to justice and related sectors and benefit from expertise in allied and external sectors. Our aim is for attendees to leave the event with relevant and practical information in priority areas which can support the delivery of services in their organisations.

The aims and objectives of the conference are as follows:


  • Host a collaborative event working in partnership with access to justice organisations, for people working in the access to justice sector.
  • Provide a space and time for people to share their work, experience, problems and learning and discuss issues in particular focus areas that stakeholders in the sector have identified.
  • Bring in external sector expertise to understand how other professions and sectors support similar issues in these areas.
  • Focus on solutions and invest resources to investigate the potential to further develop the solutions and collaborations identified at the event.


Delegates who attend the event will have:

  • Useful and practical advice or specific outputs which can be implemented in their work
  • Increased understanding of what other work is going on inside the access to justice sector and where their work and experiences are shared.
  • Opportunity to network with the access to justice sector and related external sector experts.
  • Opportunity to engage in and contribute to strategic developments for the sector.

Attending the conference is free though a refundable £20 deposit fee will be taken (repaid on attendance of the conference). Travel grants will be available for charitable organisations based further than 100 miles from London.

The conference is organised by LegalVoice, the LIP Support Strategy and the Access to Justice Foundation and the Advice Services Alliance.

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