Management of conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions, award ceremonies and social events.


We specialise in the management of public sector events both large and small.  Our clients include government departments, health, scientific, educational and research bodies, charities, national institutions, membership organisations and the legal and voluntary sectors. 

Many of our events deal with sensitive and controversial issues and all our staff are aware of the need for a sympathetic approach to such topics.  In sourcing venues we also attach particular importance to all aspects of accessibility and sustainability policies.  More information is available from the case histories section.


We have worked with a number of clients over many years, some of whom have repeat annual events.  Whilst recognising the value of maintaining continuity, our approach to such events is to consider them afresh each time rather than automatically repeating the same format.  Every event is unique and even in the case of an annual event may have a different client contact or venue, and most importantly, a new range of delegates.


We regard flexibility as one of the key factors in event administration and enjoy rising to the challenges presented by last minute and sometimes unusual requests from clients and participants. 

We apply the same core principles to the organisation of all the events which we manage and give equally high levels of care and attention to detail to each, whether large or small, complex or apparently straightforward. 

We understand that the nature of event administration is such that unforeseen elements may arise which were not included in the original task specification and we will always strive to find practical solutions to any problems.


We have extensive experience of working within tight budgets and have always been aware of the need to produce professional events whilst demonstrating value for money.  We are therefore confident in our ability to operate within financial constraints and provide an innovative approach to the delivery of high quality but cost effective events.